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BMC Cancer - April 2015

A microRNA profile associated with Opisthorchis viverrini-induced cholangiocarcinoma in tissue and plasma

Jordan Plieskatt, Gabriel Rinaldi, Yanjun Feng, Jin Peng, Samantha Easley,Xinying Jia, Jeremy Potriquet, Chawalit Pairojkul, Vajarabhongsa Bhudhisawasdi,Banchob Sripa, Paul J Brindley, Jeffrey Bethony and Jason Mulvenna


Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) is a highly aggressive tumor of the bile duct, and a significant public health problem in East Asia, where it is associated with infection by the parasiteOpisthorchis viverrini. ICC is often detected at an advanced stage and with a poor prognosis, making a biomarker for early detection a priority.


We have comprehensively profiled miRNA expression levels in ICC tumor tissue using small RNA-Seq and validated these profiles using quantitative PCR on matched plasma samples.


Distinct miRNA profiles were associated with increasing histological differentiation of ICC tumor tissue. We also observed that histologically normal tissue adjacent to ICC tumor displayed miRNA expression profiles more similar to tumor than liver tissue from healthy donors. In plasma samples, an eight-miRNA signature associated with ICC, regardless of the degree of histological differentiation of its matched tissue, forming the basis of a circulating miRNA-based biomarker for ICC.


The association of unique miRNA profiles with different ICC subtypes suggests the involvement of specific miRNAs during ICC tumor progression. In plasma, an eight-miRNA signature associated with ICC could form the foundation of an accessible (plasma-based) miRNA-based biomarker for the early detection of ICC.


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